At this year's winter games in PyeongChang, Hyundai provided a winning car for visitors and athletes alike to take a spin in. 

The Hyundai NEXO is a new crossover vehicle that's notable for a couple of reasons:

  1. It runs on hydrogen.
  2. It's self-driving.

It drove 120 miles from Seoul to PyeongChang and then spent the games there giving demonstration rides to anyone who came by.

The rides took place along the 4.3-mile loop of the Olympic Stadium. While driving in an oval may not sound too impressive, it really is if you consider just how demanding it is to drive in a circle compared to driving straight while encountering right-angle intersections governed by traffic lights. 

Maintaining a circle or oval requires a driver to maintain a sharp turn at all times, make frequent lane adjustments, and avoid traffic collisions simultaneously. While this is something a human driver can do without much effort, it's quite a feat for nascent self-driving systems.

In order to negotiate such demanding driving conditions, the NEXO employed advanced software controls that were fed data from four radar units and six lidar laser sensors, in addition to live camera feeds.

By all accounts, the NEXO performed admirably. It was able to keep track of all vehicle within a 100 yard radius, regardless of their direction in relation to the NEXO, and was able to navigate what amounts to moderate traffic with ease.

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