Get a Car Wash on Demand with Your New Hyundai - December 12, 2017

If you've bought a Hyundai vehicle recently, you may be aware of Hyundai's Blue Link connected car package. It offers all sorts of benefits for new Hyundai buyers. Using an app on your smartphone or other eligible device, you can connect to your Hyundai and do such things as remote start your vehicle with climate control, lock or unlock your doors remotely, and get on-demand diagnostics and alerts related to your vehicle.

It also offers customers enhanced roadside assistance, teen driver controls and monitoring, and other handy services.

One more service is being added soon: on-demand car washing. Hyundai announced that it's partnering with Washos, a mobile car washing service, at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show. Through Blue Link, you'll be able to schedule a wash. Thanks to temporary Blue Link access authority given to the car washing team, they'll be able to wash both the exterior and clean the interior. 

Hyundai hopes to expand upon the service and add new conveniences to its customers, such as having groceries and gas delivered to their vehicle.

While Hyundai's Blue Link package costs $100 a year for current owners who wish to subscribe, Hyundai is offering three years of complimentary Blue Link subscription for buyers of qualifed 2018 Hyundai vehicles.

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